I missed ya’ll.

Sometimes funks are days, and sometimes…damn do they hang on. That old thought of not belonging, of not being good enough, can rob you of the people that actually carry you no matter what. Even when they’re just names and tiny circle pictures and black words on a white screen.

I keep dipping my toes back into mediumlandville, and while I continue to find it a bit chillier than I remember, there’s a current that’s still familiar and comforting. I’m gonna try to remember that this year. Not in a new year’s resolution kinda way (cuz really, that shit just begs to be broken, right?) but just in a… remember that this used to feel really nice? kinda way.

So fricken much has changed, and I think part of what keeps me away is that I can’t quite explain it all. (I mean, I could, but it would be boring as hell for me to write.) I figure, though, that most of it will come out in the writing. Eventually. That’s what it’s for, after all.

So. We’ll see. My skin is getting acclimated again, and the wind is starting feel colder than the water.