This is What Will Happen at the Democratic Convention
The Digital Left

Things will become very interesting at the Convention when tens of thousands of Sanders supporters demonstrate on behalf of getting money ALL the way out of politics (lobbying reform too!) — and when we vow not only to refrain from voting for Clinton, but also for all those Democrats down ballot who have not taken a money-out-of-politics pledge. Further, tens of thousands of us will endorse the Brand New Congress initiative to unseat lawmakers who don’t support Bernie’s platform for the 99%.

This may well convince some supers that nominating Bernie at the Convention would be the best way to stave off a dangerous voter revolt against the Democratic Party later on, in addition to being the best way to ensure Democratic control of the Executive branch and the Senate come January 2017.

Book your hotel rooms in Philly now, before the July crush. Democracy is about to break out.

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