Crossed paths

Start out from the very little hole

Awakening with awareness climbing up the pole

Gently new things come and grow

Gaining momentum and suffering losses down low

That was life, choosing your way down up

Either take lefts or rights will still lead you up

Learning from experience, loving with a heart

Living like a dream, losing like your going back to the start

Years passed by, something struck behind

Covering my path thought i was blind

Walking up half dead, not knowing what happened

Just been thankful that im still enlighted

Rejuvenating my sight, climb higher than before

Leaving the struggles and pain, striving to reach goals more

Came to the top, thought it was the end

But it wasnt, it was just about to start another bend

Things will come and pass by, but some will be remarkable

These will remain with you always worthy to be memorable

New things will approach and be part with you

But the things that struck you most will never be replaced

Until the day will come, hope our paths will cross again

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