rêves: making it a reality

Everything all seems perfect at first glance, all of what you had possibly imagined just showed up. But what about all of a sudden something will just constantly appear on your fantastical environment?

It was just an ordinary day at school, I was just doing all my usual daily routine…. Read, Write, Listen, Solve, Eat, Rest, Socialize, Cooperate and all other things you would expect to happen inside that area surrounded by four walls and to end these usual activities was the sign that the class is now dismissed, all were excited to get out of the room as much as possible and i usually wanted to stay last in order to make another pass to check if the room is cleared. As i exit the room once glance had caught my attention…… It was me looking to her eyes and vice versa which felt like the night had brighten up with screaming colors in the sky. As i return back to reality i now started to walk down the stairs while inside my thought “whoa! what had just happened?!?” as if i was disoriented but then again i concluded in order to end such dispute that it was just another random event and may never happen again……… or can it?

the following days had came, and as if i wanted that glance to repeat again and again. Every single time i went out of the room after class i tried to look for her to see her wonderful smile or even stay inside the room and watch her sit down in her seat. I just can’t help myself looking at her as if you wanted to voice out something but i still try to control myself that it’s only a random feeling but later that night is where it all changed. I returned to my dream realm where it was my happy place and within the middle of the course there she was sitting along and that suddenlty without thinking further i went straightly to her and interacted with her as if we were close, we shared the laughter and joy as we walked down the lane… It was that time i shared my happy part with another person in that reality but just like any other dreams it has an endpoint and i had already woken up. That experience was really another fully rare phenomenon.

Later in class i still kept thinking of what had happened last night and was trying to regain focus that i’m now in class and it’s a place for study. The day went well until one of our professors gave us an activity to make a phrase that can describe yourself and the first thing that came up was about “dreams were meant to visualize another reality that we have the will in order to make them happen” or in short i’m a dreamer and that i reflected on my answer and that i related it to my prior experiences that to the point i’ve concluded……

i have fallen for her, and that now i know the feeling that you want to know her more, see her always, or even just be with her. This feeling is quite normal for a person whom has fallen towards others and here i go again with it. But still i want to pursue it, not maybe today but someday along the way that this glace will evolve to even greater interactions. Now that i know my situation, one question now remains, How will i start making the move?……..

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