Roaring magic with a pinch of perfection

The Pontifical and Royal Catholic University of Santo Tomas (UST)

It was never always easy on saying goodbye to a part of your life that has been with you almost everyday from the very tippy point of exploring a bigger world. Along the way destiny struck big time and elevated the hype of my prowess in creating a better opportunity, although it came in a nick of time before leaving my former school it was still a rare opportunity i grabbed to turn my path straight up high. All of a sudden two years had been enough to raise high and the time had reached its point where i need to leave and go beyond a new chapter but in the end it was never a goodbye but was only a “see yah later” moment as i will always come back for more.

Welcome to the new world

This was my first impression after my arrival in the campus, it was like an embassy filled with different classes of breeds from tall to short, from smart to cool, from strong to swag everything was a new sight to be seen. Did not knew who to chose to stick with but still found a friend and now one of my buddies. It was really awkward from the very start in socializing with people but as time pass by i strongly develop my team player senses and pushed to give the support i can do. The first week was really intense!

The Sea of Yellow Tiger Freshies

A warm welcome from the university had already inspired me that i had made the right choice in staying here and it was like the feeling your already home and that this chance was destined for me to fully exhibit the skills i’ve developed to further continue the path im going to take. New things had already been introduced to me some of which i was anticipating from the start and some of which are really new to the usual expectations

Walking down the lovers lane even though your alone is allowed

Overall there is a wide variety of choices i have inside the university, everything is up for me to choose and to hand me the challenges it takes, more people shall i face and interact and some will be really striking to me and might help me further build up my character, but on a side note i might find someone inside the campus to make my world sparkle in the night, catching the stars and dreaming high (p.s. I think she’s near me). Also a bigger world means more people will be competitive atmost and its going to be a challenge for me to step up a notch finding my sweet spot in making a difference but im up for it. For now here it is the start of something new and the trails of success awaits for us to walk down that path, i was prepared especially in the crucial 2 years of changes for this rare opportunity to go big and im really glad not only for those 2 landmark years but from the very start of it all, my friends, family, and people whom guided me all the way here to the path of my shining future.

The New Family of Friends for the years to come
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