When I read this topic, I think I'm gonna make a lot of complaints. About how toxic and crazy this world is. But I decided to shift my perspective to have a positive outlook.

So, what’s going on in the world?

First, it's the rise of AI. Sometimes, I wonder if AI can replace human beings. Maybe, AI is the next species that will rule the world. To put that fears aside, I think AI get me interested is AIs help us to be more productive. They can write essays or articles faster and better than most of us. They can design faster with impressive outcomes. And they are more goal-oriented — they don't feel bored or are lack of motivation.

Second, Blessingsjust got home !!! YAY.

I will come back tomorrow.



White book, white vases, so pure

Little plants, fake or real, does it matter?

Gold and silver belong to the Gods

The man thoughts are bigger than himself

Time has a shade of pink, of silver, of old books

All these bags avoid the mess

And the life is still bright in the glass.