The Middle Way

In the world of today we often encounter criticism of things that were labelled Good or Bad. Yet in reality Good or Bad is so much depended on the society norms and the way of life at that moment in history. Something maybe good today but was bad many decades ago and vice versa. Many hidden diseases of time past are now cured and often many people were victimized by its societies at the time they lived by their “wrong” beliefs. Like being lynched for being a black person or being burned by practicing black magics.

As a spiritual practitioner I still found myself inadvertently making inner criticism of things that I felt was in-appropriated based on my belief and inner moral compass. We are in the time of life that we often put ourselves into this camp or that camp.

Initially being a vegan I was very passionate about life and the lives of animals in particular. I strongly opposed anyone who ate meat and I often disassociated myself with their friendships. Life has taught me few valuable lessons about my intolerant and led me to be with a man who is not only eating meat but is a smoker as well.

I’ve found that love is really transparent to all things and that love honestly can heal all wounds. I’ve found that my lover is much kinder and more loving than a brother or a sister in my group. This experience taught me perhaps our feelings are often tied to our karmic destiny and we ourselves can break free of any preconceived notions about any topic of life. We see the way we see because we were born into a group of society that taught us that. The heart underneath it all is a loving heart and it has no prejudice against any one based on any race, color or beliefs. The soul encased in a body which has its own personality sometimes could not clearly speak and dictate us to a better life. It does speak plenty of time but our mind was so much encased inside the way of life we are taught since our childhood.

The middle way teaches us to be impartial in all criticism. We don’t belong to the left or to the right we just belong. We were born with one critical mission and that is to find ourselves. To find and connect to this inner being which many has called The Inner Master or The Inner Voice … To finally see that we are definitely beyond this body and we can script our life any way we choose.

It’s hard to quiet the habits of criticism and it will take some practice and inner realizing that everybody is supposed to do what they do. Even as a vegan myself I am no longer thinking that … how could that person eat meat? How could anyone can harm such a beautiful and gentle creature like a dog or a cat? I also realize perhaps they are on their way to the light. Without darkness how can we know what is light? In so doing and allowing people around to behave, to think and to act any way they choose fit I am free from criticism and allow myself to achieve the intimacy between human beings that then only then it may promote peace in myself and in the world.

I invite you to live your life FREE of all preconceived ideas of how things should be or should not be. Allow people around you to act, speak and live anyway they choose. Even in extreme cases of some dictators like Hitler or Mao we could not clearly blame them either. What if they were born to do that? What if the society cumulative karmas created them in the first place? We can only speak for ourselves only and we will try to be in the middle way.

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