How to avoid running around looking for things at the last minute

Does it seem like your things grow legs and disappear on you?

Do you often find yourself running around looking for items that you swear were there just a moment ago?

Are you constantly trying to remember where something is only to feel frustrated that it’s not where you thought it was?

The Solution To Stop Wasting Time Looking For Things.

Create a home your items to live, or at least rest until you are ready to deal with or need them. Your items will always be found, exactly where they are suppose to be. And you’ll never have to search for a lost item again.

Now, doesn’t that sound nice? I know it does to me! Furthermore, once you have a designated place for your items to be, you will stop wasting your precious time running around looking for them.

One of the things that people often come to me for is help in getting more productive. My first question to them is how often do they spend time looking for things. If I hear them tell me “all of the time”, I know one of the reasons they aren’t productive.

Determine Where You Need The Most Help First.

Here are a few steps to get you started.

  1. Determine what item (or items) seem to go missing most often. If you tend to lose a lot of things, start with one or two items first.
  2. Determine where would be the place you think you’d know to look first. If it is your keys (been there, done that =) would a place near the door that you use most often to exit be a good place to put them?
  3. Clear out space and declare this is where my stuff goes. After you figure out your item(s) and the place they will go, create a space for it. You may need to put hang up hooks or get a bowl or tray for your items. Whatever you feel would work, do it.

Breathe a sign of relief because your racing around and wasting time days searching for things are over! With your system of having a place for things and things in their place, you’ll never have to say “I have no idea where my stuff is.” And you’ll never have to utter “Honey, have you seen my stuff?” Now, that’s a beautiful thing!

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I look forward to seeing you in the class and until then, start now with the steps I gave you because as you know, it’s never too late to start being productive!

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Originally published at on October 19, 2017.