The ultimate multi-pandemic survival guide and toolkit: COVID, monkeypox, polio, and more

Kim Crawley
12 min readAug 5, 2022


On my kitchen counter: A box of 20 RAT COVID tests, a bottle of hydrogen peroxide spray, ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer, a box of black vinyl gloves, protective goggles, elastomeric mask, carbon dioxide monitor.

If you’ve been paying attention and thinking critically, you’ll realize by now that the CDC, Health Canada, and most other supposed “public health” agencies here in the western world cannot be trusted. They’re tied to capitalist interests, and the capitalists have made their intentions clear. You must stop caring about your health, safety, and your loved ones and go to the damn office, fast food franchise, et cetera to labour for your overlords. Many jobs can be done from home but it’s difficult for your boss to micromanage you that way! So get to the office, send your children to get infected multiple times at school, and don’t worry about wearing a mask because masks remind people that there are pandemics going on, and that’s bad for business.

Children don’t actually get much benefit from school, contrary to propaganda. Public school exists as a means of babysitting your kids during most of the old 9-to-5 work week, so you’ll go to work and make the billionaires more profit. Plus, your kids will be indoctrinated to become good wage slaves themselves and it’s all win-win for Wall Street (or up here in Toronto, Bay Street.) So they’ll get COVID multiple times, and now monkeypox? Too f**king bad. The big money gods need some human sacrifices, regardless of age.

In 2021, the powers-that-be tried to convince you that vaccination would make you totally immune to COVID, and you can take your mask off! Take your mask off because it reminds people of pandemics, and pandemics are bad for business! Early in 2022, they tried to convince you that “Omicron is mild” or “COVID is over,” so you’d get back to the wage slavery factory. Since 2020, they’ve even tried to convince you that kids don’t get COVID or that COVID isn’t serious in children, so you’d send them to school so you can, you guessed it, return to a wage slavery where you can be easily micromanaged. The CDC also tried to convince everyone that they must return to work five days after first COVID symptoms or your first positive test, even though people are typically infectious for at least a couple of weeks. And people are infectious with monkeypox for at least a month. The CEO of Delta Airlines said everyone must go back to work after day five, your health and everyone else’s health be damned. And lift those mask mandates because masks are a real buzzkill downer for moneymaking. The CDC changed their policy accordingly because they serve the capitalists.

And now the airline industry and hospitals all over Canada, the US, the UK, continental Europe, Australia, and some other countries are understaffed to the point of crisis because millions of their workers are out of the picture due to COVID and long COVID. And yet, they won’t reinstate mask mandates. Bad for business, bad for business! Human sacrifices must be made!

You’re burned out because we’re living in an apocalypse. No exaggeration. We are actually living in a cyberpunk apocalypse right now.

But I’m here to help. I’m a cybersecurity researcher with a unique talent for critical thought and collecting vital information. This guide will quite literally save your life and spare you and your loved ones from permanently disabling lifelong chronic illnesses, such as fatigue and brain damage from COVID, or blindness and facial disfigurement from monkeypox.

In this evil shitty hellhole of a world, I’m here to offer you a light in the tunnel. Although government and big business will gladly sacrifice our lives, there are things that you can get and use that will increase your odds of survival, things you can do, and organizations that will actually help you. I do volunteer work for COVID Reality and I’m in frequent communication with Donate A Mask. So I can recommend a lot of help and resources. Plus, I have never gotten infected by COVID or monkeypox ever. (I’ve been RAT testing multiple times per week since last year.)

First of all, here’s a list of everything you need to buy or otherwise acquire to protect yourself and your family. I’m even including links on how to get them.

Mask effectiveness courtesy of the microCOVID Project

Build your multi-pandemic survival kit

  • Masks are absolutely essential. They are the number one most effective way to prevent getting infected by COVID, and to prevent transmitting COVID to others. COVID is definitely airborne. Monkeypox is also airborne, respiratory aerosols are one of its transmission vectors. Unfortunately, the foolish masses are happily breathing in biohazardous air, and they will try to make you feel crazy for doing the most obviously good thing during airborne pandemics. You and your family must resist their peer pressure. Not all masks are created equal. Fabric/cloth masks and surgical masks have been found to be pretty much useless. You need a tight barrier around your nose and mouth. There is plenty of evidence now that only N95, KN94, KN95, and elastomeric P100 respirators and equivalents can protect you from airborne viruses.
  • Buy all of these types of masks and respirators from, or Project N95. Every mask they sell is high quality pandemic protection, and proceeds will support their efforts to give masks to people who can’t afford to buy them. Alternatively, if you are one of those people who can’t afford to buy personal protective equipment, those organizations will help you. Click here to get free masks and tests from if you’re in Canada, and use the form at the bottom of the page here to contact Project N95 about how they can help you in the United States.
  • Masks will only help you if you use them properly. They must cover your nose and mouth with a tight seal. Project N95 has a bunch of useful resources here. I personally go even further than N95s now, I wear a full “gas mask-style” elastomeric P100 respirator. My vanity hates it! But the plague my neighbors are spreading in the hallways and elevators is disgusting and breathing that air in can have life-changing consequences. So I suck it up, so I don’t suck it in. The microCOVID Project has lots of great information here that compares the effectiveness of all types of masks and respirators, from the most effective to the least effective.
  • is another excellent source of all kinds of masks and respirators if you’re here in Canada. The upside is they’re more affordable if you buy in bulk. The downside is that they don’t do charity work like and Project N95 does.
  • Although hand protection and hygiene does pretty much nothing for a totally airborne pandemic like COVID, it can be essential for protection for a touch and formite-spread pandemic like monkeypox. Monkeypox is spreading like wildfire now, and it’s not an STD or a gay man’s disease. In fact, some medical centers in the US are already reporting more monkeypox patients than COVID patients. So I highly recommend putting extra effort into keeping your hands clean. Wear vinyl gloves as much as possible when you’re not home. Throw them in the garbage when you’re not home. I buy these black Midnight Mitts from Amazon because I’m goth. is another great glove source, especially if you’re in Canada. Glove Saver is especially good for buying large quantities of vinyl gloves in the United States. If you’re not in Canada or the US, search your locality’s Amazon store.
  • On the same note, hand hygiene can save you from monkeypox. So the hand sanitizer that’s useless for COVID could save your life from monkeypox. Make sure that your hand sanitizer has ethnyl (ethanol) alcohol as its active ingredient! The US Environmental Protection Agency has tested alcohol-based hand sanitizer for killing monkeypox viruses, whereas there’s yet to be evidence of the efficacy of “alcohol free” sanitizer against monkeypox. Buy ethanol alcohol hand sanitizer from your local drug store, or here’s what has. (Please skip the sponsored listings for alcohol-free products.) Project N95 also has hand sanitizers. Rub it all over your hands periodically while you’re away from home, and when you get back home. If your hands get uncomfortably dry easily, Curel and Glysomed are good moisturizer options.
  • As of this writing, there are no at-home tests for monkeypox yet. But frequent at-home COVID testing is essential. Canadians can buy RAT tests from Just check the box that says you’re a medical clinic, nudge nudge wink wink. That’s how I’m able to RAT test 2–3 times per week. Bona Fide Masks has tests Americans can buy. Americans can also buy this test from Project N95.
  • Unfortunately due to propaganda and a lack of preparedness, most places that are conducting monkeypox testing have restricted testing to sexually active gay men and people who may be in direct contact. This will have disastrous consequences, as anyone can get monkeypox and it’s not an STD. Plus, it means that the test numbers we hear in the media are significant undercounts. “Public Health” Ontario has some testing information here. And wherever you are in the world, you should either Google search “monkeypox test <your area>” or contact your family doctor. The latter of which is probably super stressed out and over burdened by the raging pandemics and their destruction of our healthcare systems.
  • HEPA filters are wonderful for killing COVID, monkeypox, and other viruses in the air. You should run them everywhere you can, especially at home and at your workplace. I use this one in my one bedroom apartment, one near my front door and the other in my bedroom. Project N95 has some HEPA devices. You can also find many other HEPA filter purifiers from Amazon here. Make sure you replace their filters according to the instructions that come with your device. Buy replacement filters at the same time.
  • COVID and monkeypox spread more effectively in poor quality, high carbon dioxide air. Your indoor air should ideally have less than 700 parts per million of carbon dioxide. HEPA filters help, as does improving ventilation by opening windows and making building improvements. There are many relatively affordable carbon dioxide monitors you can buy for your home, workplace, and to carry around in your purse or backpack. Buy a CO2 monitor from in Canada and proceeds help get masks to Canadians in need. Alternatively, there are many options from
  • Although monkeypox is airborne, it mainly transmits through touch, surfaces (formites), contaminated clothing and bedding. The US Environmental Protection Agency has tested which chemicals can kill monkeypox on surfaces and what you can use in your laundry. In addition to hand sanitizer, here’s the other chemicals that you’ll need for monkeypox protection. 3% hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective chemicals for killing monkeypox on hard, non-porous surfaces. Focus on areas that are frequently touched — door handles, your car and door keys, countertops, sinks and taps, and so on. Many 3% hydrogen peroxide products can be purchased from Also try your local drug store or places like Walmart. The EPA has tested Oxiclean Laundry and Home Sanitizer to kill monkeypox in your washing machine. Make sure you launder all of your clothes and bedding before you use them, no matter where you’ve purchased them. Buy it here from Alternatively, Lysol has a similar product.
  • There is some evidence to suggest that COVID can infect you through your eyes and ears. I wear headphones to protect my ears when I go out. Any headphones that cover your ears (not ear buds) will do. Goggles can be worn with or without glasses and over any kind of recommended anti-COVID mask or half face respirator (like my P100 elastomeric.) I use goggles like the ones you can find here on Amazon.
  • Vaccination is still important. I have received four COVID vaccinations so far and I will get the Omicron vaccine as soon as it becomes available to me. Unfortunately, largely thanks to Bill Gates, much of the developing world didn’t get vaccinated properly. (See The World Loses Under Bill Gates’ Vaccine Colonialism by Mohit Mookim from WIRED.) That has resulted in the Sars-Cov-2 COVID virus mutating multiple times, to the point that the available COVID vaccines don’t prevent infection at all, don’t offer any significant immunity, don’t prevent Long COVID (a lifelong series of disabilities), and only somewhat decrease your risk of hospitalization if you get infected. Nonetheless, you should be doing everything you can to protect yourself, including vaccination. Contact your family doctor for information or google “covid vaccine <your area>”. You can try doing the same for monkeypox and polio vaccination, but your search for a vaccine may be very frustrating. Wear full protective equipment when you go on your vaccination trip, mask up and wear vinyl gloves. Sanitize your hands. Do not take any of that stuff off until you get back home.
  • Added on August 10th: Labourlc notes that you should consider building your own CR box, which serves the same purpose as a HEPA filter device: “You need to add that people can make their own, DIY, lower cost Corsi-Rosenthal boxes that are equivalent to or better than commercially made HEPA filters for their homes, workplaces & many people have successfully lobbied to get them into their kids’ schools.
    They can be made with any kind of fan & you can get MERV 13 filters in many different sizes. They are being being made by 100’s of 1000’s of people around the world now.
    Instructions & videos on how to make them are here:
  • Added on August 10th: @Debbie_Winslow_ from Twitter notes that Alex Meshkin’s company Flow Health sells monkeypox testing kits that can be used at home. You send the test to their lab, and then you get your results.

Information resources

The mainstream media and “public health” agencies like the CDC will deliberately lie to you. Yes, you can get infected by COVID multiple times! And yes, each infection does more and more damage to your brain and the rest of your body. And the reason why viruses like monkeypox, polio, and tuberculosis are coming back with a vengeance is because COVID has destroyed over a billion immune systems worldwide, “public health” has failed, and society is collapsing. As far as polio and the other new biohazards are concerned, they’ll infect you through the airborne and physical vectors you should already be mitigating for COVID and monkeypox protection. Anyway, these sources here will actually give you accurate pandemic news and information that can save your life:

Stay informed. And stay at home as much as you possibly can! As much as you can possibly avoid it:

  • Do not go to offline parties, events, sports games, conventions, conferences, or concerts.
  • Use taxis or drive your car instead of public transit.
  • Do not dine indoors in restaurants.
  • Keep your mask on while you’re in public, both indoors and outdoors. Do not take your mask off until you get home. COVID lingers in the air and can infect you in mere seconds.
  • Wear vinyl gloves and sanitize your hands to prevent monkeypox.
  • Avoid hospitals as much as you can. Hospitals all over the western world are at a crisis point and you may not be able to receive medical help. Plus, there’s a high risk of infection in these environments. Some medical emergencies can’t be avoided. But as much as you can, avoid dangerous sports, overdosing on medications and recreational drugs, any recreational activities with a high risk of injury, and so on.
  • Avoid airports and airlines as much as possible.
  • Whenever you can’t be safe at home, wear a mask (fight against peer pressure!), wear vinyl gloves, sterilize your hands, avoid both outdoor and indoor crowds.
  • You can get COVID multiple times. Previous infections offer no immunity. In fact, they weaken your immune system and make you even more susceptible.
  • Explore homeschooling options for your kids. Going to public school will very likely get them infected by COVID multiple times, and there’s a high risk of monkeypox infection as well. If there’s absolutely no other option, make your kids wear child-sized N95/KN95 masks, use hand sanitizer, and get ventilation and HEPA filtration into schools.
  • Do not trust any information from the government or big corporations or corporate media. Also, resist peer pressure. The vast majority of people have no f**king idea and will lead you astray.
  • COVID and these other pandemics are mass disabling events. Millions of people worldwide have Long COVID and cannot work anymore. The way things are going, in a couple of years, most working aged adults will be unable to work due to disabilities from COVID, monkeypox, and other viruses. Be psychologically prepared for further catastrophic societal collapse.

Comedy is great for your mental health

There are two Twitter accounts that I follow for pandemic-era laughs, so I don’t cry. Check out @friendlycovid19 and @Centers4Disease.

Stay safe out there. Don’t trust the people who are in power. Resist peer pressure. Fight! Educate others as well. Spread the word, not the viruses!

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