Great question with a complex answer.
Rhea Drysdale

Reputation might satisfy a small percentage of her friends, because they trust her. It wouldn’t be enough to convert people who aren’t comfortable with strangers, for example. They would need something to motivate them. They may want to know if by going to the party, a personal “need” may be satisfied, (good food, meeting other friends in common, etc.). This is what I flag in audits the most. There is an assumption by the company, writers, dev’s, marketers that they have the “best” company, products, articles, etc. but they overlook understanding who has the need for their “best” stuff, how they look for it, what would motivate them to stick around long enough to investigate, etc. And for mobile, (pulling this out of the analogy), we have split seconds to convey an enormous amount of info to specific groups of people using all kinds of devices.

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