Meet Our Team: Guy Vider

Guy Vider is the CTO at Diversifi who has got 25 years of experience in developing, delivering, and managing software products. In the last few years, he’s been totally focused on blockchain and decentralized finance, bringing the level cryptocurrency is perceived and adopted by global investors to new heights.

We’ve interviewed Guy to get to know his unique story: from software development to leading innovative game-changing projects.

Tell our readers more about yourself — your background and role at Diversifi?

Why do you choose to work on DeFi?

How did you join Diversifi?

How do you see Diversifi’s mission and values?

What’s the most exciting thing about working on a DeFi project/Diversifi?

How does Diversifi differ from other similar solutions?

Share some of the future plans for Diversifi?

How can our readers/potential partners contact you?

To learn more on the Diversifi products, please, book a demo here.



The decentralized money transfer protocol

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