The DeFi Sparks Podcast with Eitan Katz

This week, our CEO, Eitan Katz has had the pleasure to join the Defi Sparks podcast hosted by Nick Drakon — a full-time crypto investor & trader who holds meaningful conversations about the decentralized finance space with the brightest blockchain and crypto minds.

In this interview, Eitan shared his background and a historical retrospective of the DeFi and Web worlds. He also took the conversation as an opportunity to explain complex things about:

  • Blockchain Interoperability and why it’s a problem

“Technology alone didn’t cut it for me. I was always looking for this triangle, technology, business (or economic models), and people. This triangle really defines everything that I did. The blockchain innovation, the DLT, and the initial whitepaper that was written by Satoshi Nakamoto are the perfect incarnation of this triangle. We’re talking about technology solving a problem in the economic and business world with a direct impact on people”, said Eitan.

Watch and listen to the full interview here.

About Us

Kima, the Web3 settlement layer, enables cross-chain transactions and seamlessly connects the DeFi and TradFi ecosystems. Led by seasoned tech, Web3, and financial experts, Kima makes it easier to develop and launch multi-chain applications and financial instruments.

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