That One Time I Hiked to a Castle

Burg Eltz

It seems like many moons ago that I backpacked across Europe with my now fiance. It was one of those experiences that looking back, I can’t believe how nothing went wrong. Let’s look at the numbers: 6 countries, 4 plane rides, 10 train rides, numerous rides on public transit, lots of beer, and a few times getting lost. And somehow after all of that, nothing went wrong, no lost reservations, no missed transit, no pick pockets, etc. I think we got pretty lucky. This post is about one of my favorite experiences during that trip.

Burg Eltz

On day 6 of our journey, we took a train from Bonn to Moselkern Germany. Moselkern is a cute little town along the Moselle River with a population around 600 (according to Wikipedia). From the train station we had a 5k hike, mainly uphill, to the castle with our 30lb or so backpacks. The hike was a beautiful one, first through the neat town of Moselkern and then a forest, filled with incredibly tall trees, a creek, and a steep rocky “staircase” up towards the castle. Once we reached the 4k mark, we could start to see the castle through the trees and it was even more grand then pictures could give justice. The castle was built around 850 years ago and has been owned by the same family for 33 generations. We took a tour of the inside of the castle which still has original furniture spanning the many generations. There are 2 little cafes on the castle grounds, one of which we got a tasty brat from. It really hit the spot after the long hike.

While we were eating we noticed a look out ledge in the distance and some ruins so we decided to hike up that way. It was another totally up hill hike but once we made it to the top, the view was incredible. We hung around for awhile but decided we needed to start the 5k hike back to the train station in Moselkern before the sun started to set. It was much easier hiking down then hiking up. It was a very memorable experience and if you are ever in the area, I highly suggest a visit to this castle!

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