“You can only achieve what you want, if you want it bad enough.” That is a quote that I live by every minute of each day. This is also the way I know that I want to become a software developer… because I want it so bad.

I experienced hefty obstacles yesterday while completing the Andela bootcamp challenges and instead of giving up, I fixated on the growth mindset and took them as a chance to level up. I knew nothing about continuous integration and deployment of apps prior to those challenges and to be honest, I only had 3 hours of sleep last night figuring them out.

I tried sleeping it off but all I could think about was the tasks that were at hand, and that is how I knew that I wanted to be a software developer. I wanted it so bad that I woke up in the middle of the night and started tackling them. This gave me a renewed source of energy evidenced by the fact that I was able to complete them in the morning.

I am riding on this new energy as I tackle the tasks I have today. They might be a little trickier than yesterday’s, but my confidence level sky-rocketed after overcoming yesterday’s obstacles, and therefore I know nothing is going to stand in my way today. There are only a few more bootcamp days left, and I intend to apply myself fully these remaining days.

Catch you on the next blog. God speed.