Well I can tell you for a fact that the pressure is getting to me. The assignments keep piling up because I was late meeting the first deadline, I don’t want to miss this one too. So I will keep it short so that I get back to it. These deadlines are like Floyd Mayweather… they’re hard to beat. :-)

I almost gave up because for a moment everything seemed too hard and I almost lost hope. A couple of events later and I had managed to pick myself up and decided to give it everything I’ve got. I had a chat with my group’s facilitator who encouraged me to keep pushing and submit what I had worked on, which gave me a big boost. I also had a chat with some of my fellow bootcampers who assured me that they faced challenges as well and that I should keep keeping on.

It is day 2 and I began on a good note, much better than yesterday. I haven’t faced a lot of blockers and I have most of the Andela community to thank for that. There is still a lot of work to be done so as I said earlier I will keep it short. I just stocked up on sachets of coffee to tackle the next challenges, so catch you on the next blog. Cheers.