Introducing Hedge Row, wood roasted real food

Hedge Row to Open in Cherry Creek and Indianapolis this summer

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When Hugo and I first opened The Kitchen in 2004 we started working with Anne and Paul Cure, two amazing farmers in Boulder, Colorado. Anne and Paul were growing delicious local food at Hedgerow Farm. There we hosted pig roast parties where we’d roast meat and veggies over an open fire. The taste just doesn’t get better than that!

Anne Cure and Hugo Matheson on Cure Farm in 2015

Fond memories and 13 years later we are inspired to get back to our roots and open a wood roasted real food restaurant. Hedge Row pays homage to those first years of growing the local food supply chain in Colorado and working with with Anne and Paul Cure out at Hedgerow Farm. Today, Anne and Paul Cure have their own farm, properly named Cure Farm, and we still proudly source much of our food directly from them.

Hedge Row is a relaxed American Bistro with wood roasted real food.

We will open two Hedge Row locations this year. One in Cherry Creek, a shopping district and neighborhood in Denver; the other in the Mass Ave. Arts District in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The entire Hedge Row menu is sourced from American farmers, many within driving distance. Hedge Row will feature an all-day menu for lunch and dinner in a comfortable setting and high level hospitality. The menu will of have lots of roasted veggies: beets, carrots, cauliflower; and roasted meats such chicken and trout.

Signature items on the Hedge Row menu will include Mole Braised Short Ribs with Polenta & Spring Radish, Wood Roasted Trout with Almond Brown Butter & Celery, Charred Chinese Broccoli with Caramelized Lemon and Chili & Garlic, and Cookie Jar for the Table. The menu will also include mainstays from The Kitchen Restaurant Group such as The Kitchen Tomato Soup, our signature Bolognese and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

The entire Hedge Row menu is sourced from American farmers, many within driving distance.

The restaurant design for each location will be unique to reflect the community it serves. Many of the materials for the restaurant space will be sourced locally such as custom wood tables, bars, and community tables. High-energy patios will spill energy outside the restaurant.

We can’t wait to open our doors for you to try it.

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