We’re all in this together. #COVID19 has impacted businesses and individuals in so many ways but it has been especially hard for restaurants. Now is the time to support your local restaurants by ordering takeout and buying gift cards. My co-founder at The Kitchen, Hugo Matheson, and I are very lucky to be surrounded by a restaurant community in Boulder, Colorado that bands together and supports one another especially in these hard times.

When the virus outbreak started to hit the US in the beginning of March 2020, we knew takeout and delivery would be an important part of our…

Square Roots is building a distributed network of indoor, modular, Climate Containers, farmed by next generation farmers, to grow hyper-local food for people in cities, all over the world. Here’s why it’s working.

Inside a Square Roots Climate Container, replicating optimum growing conditions, all year round,

At Square Roots, our mission is to bring real, local food to people in cities around the world, by empowering the next generation of leaders in urban farming.

Whether we’re in the farms tweaking CO2 levels, or in a board meeting plotting a pathway for what the company looks like in 2050, every decision we make is guided to help us achieve our mission faster, smarter, and…

Plant A Seed Day is a new international holiday to inspire millions of families to take a purposeful action toward a healthier and tastier future.

[ CLICK TO TWEET: Join @Kimbal and @MayeMusk on the @TODAY Show at 8am today for #PlantaSeedDay. It’s a simple act with a big impact. What will you plant? 🌱 Pledge to plant at plantaseedday.org ]

Photo credit @cody_chouinard

Plant a Seed Day is a movement to remind us all of the power and impact of growing your own delicious healthy food to enjoy. Plant a Seed Day is a call-to-arms. It’s a push for action. …

Starting today, on all Square Roots food packaging, consumers can now see the complete story of where and how their food was grown, and who grew it, with a simple #knowyourfarmer scan.

Simply scan a Square Roots package to get the complete story of where and how your food is grown, and who grows it. You can try it here for our beautiful basil by pointing your iOS camera app at the QR code above.

Where does your food come from?

Many of us are at the mercy of Industrial Food. It’s a system optimized for transportation, not for taste or nutrition. Products are often shipped in from thousands of miles away, taking weeks or even months to get to the store. There is little information on where exactly the food comes from, how it was grown, or who grew it. And as we have seen recently with the Romaine Lettuce recall, the total lack of transparency makes Industrial Food impossible to trust.

Today, Square Roots launches a super-simple way for you to see exactly…

Join us and our partners and be part of Plant a Seed Day on March 20th, 2019

[Tweet this: How @kimbal and @biggreen are going to get 1 million families planting a seed on March 20th, 2019. 🌎🌱 Join us! plantaseedday.org ]

Emma, a fifth grader in Chicago, has been fighting hunger for as long as she can remember. One day, finding only a small bag of rice and a handful of beans in the cupboard — barely enough for one meal — she changed the equation. She took the beans and planted them in her backyard. Sprouts began to…

One in seven kids in Denver go without meals each month; we can do better

[Tweet this: Vote YES on 302 @HealthyFood4Den to feed low-income Denver kids who are the most vulnerable to hunger. Kids are our greatest investment and your vote matters. #Ordinance302]

Kids Risk Hunger During School Breaks

The majority of Denver kids get most of their meals from school — leaving low income kids extremely vulnerable to hunger during the summer, weekends, and holiday breaks. Hunger has lifelong impacts on the health and prosperity of our kids. In early October, prior to fall break at Denver Public Schools, my Big Green Colorado team…

Next Door American Eatery is the leader in Urban Casual, the next generation of American restaurants

Hosts greet visitors at Next Door Eatery in Stapleton, a suburban community east of Denver.

[Tweet this: America is starving for the gathering place. That’s why @Kimbal is bringing @NextDoorEatery to every neighborhood in America.]

America needs Next Door. Industrial food restaurants have failed America. If you want to gather with your friends over a meal, you have to eat food shipped in from places as far as China. The standard approach in chain restaurants across America is for food to be frozen or processed, designed to be shipped long distances. It is not fresh. It does not taste good. It is not fun to hang out in. There are some wonderful real food restaurants…

Applications now open to be a Next-Gen Farmer at Square Roots.

Applications are now open for the third season at Square Roots, on our Brooklyn farming campus. Join a unique program that trains and empowers the next generation of leaders in urban farming.

We need new leaders to forge a new food system

Consumers across the world are demanding greater transparency into where and how their food is grown. Yet most people in cities are tethered to an industrial food system that ships in high calorie, low nutrient food, often from across the globe. It’s harmful to the health of the planet and its populations, and leaves us completely disconnected from the people who grow our food.

We need to act now — as urban populations keep rising and global temperatures continue to climb. The next generation has an incredible opportunity to…

Help children around the U.S. build lifelong healthy habits through my non-profit Big Green omaze.com/tesla

Big Green builds a healthier future for kids by connecting them to real food through a nationwide network of outdoor Learning Garden classrooms and food literacy programs. Your donation — for a chance to win my custom Tesla Model 3 — at omaze.com/tesla will help Big Green establish a culture in schools that promotes youth wellness and reduce preventable diet-related health disparities. Just $50 can provide seeds, plants and supplies for a single school’s garden for a whole year, so think of the difference we can all make together. The more children who have the opportunity to learn, play and grow in healthy communities, the more we can build lifelong healthy habits for kids. The deadline to enter is April 24, 2018.

Announcing Big Green, Learning Gardens in 100 Detroit schools; Eyeing four more American cities.

Big Green :: Real Food Grows Here

American children are being fed processed, nutrient-poor food that leaves them starving and obese at the same time. Our food system is destroying their growing bodies and minds. With an estimated $63.5 trillion in total private wealth, America is more wealthy than any other country in the world. Yet our children are bearing the burden of a broken, even lethal food system.

Today, diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States and costs the country around $245 billion in medical expenses and…

Kimbal Musk

My mission is real food for everyone. Co-founder of The Kitchen #realfood restaurants, Big Green teaching kids about food & Square Roots mentoring young farmers

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