Dear Maria,
Allan Ishac

Sad to read all this. Those of us who were not fans of President Barack Obama and his condescending tone wrapped up in a neat package of soaring rhetoric would have been excoriated if we ever referenced something like say “BO stinks no matter what it stands for”. Instead we accepted he was the President and even though he supported things such as late term abortions and politicizing the judicial branch, targeting dissent and punishing many small business owners through the regulatory process. Not to mention having surrogates such as the media aim their sites at destroying industries in red states so as to smoke out votes for democrats in upcoming elections ( a plan that ultimately failed as Trump electorally killed it in this election). So, even though I was not on the Trump train, I see why Americans would elect the wolf dressed as the wolf and not the one in sheep’s clothing. Also, many Americans like their cheetos and trailers. So continue to demean them from your bubble and watch it pop again and again and again.

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