Do Detox Foods&Drinks Work?

I personally have no clue. I have been meaning to try them, but I just haven’t got round to it. But I have done my research and this is my answer to the question, before you spend your money on something you actually don’t know it might work. However, if you disagree with the following result, I would still try it anyway with a brand you know well. I am still going to try it with a trusty brand I know.

My opinon of it is that it seems a healthy way of eating (especially) and drinking. However, some may disagree.

If you have not read my previous post, I wrote about what the detox foods and drinks are, some examples of them (including some pictures) and what they do.

So do they actually work?

Answer: According to Doctor Michael, it may be beneficial if you are wanting to lose weight, however in the end when you have lost weight, you are going to probably gain the weight back again. Unless you exercise and eat healthily you can stay fit.

“In the end, you haven’t accomplished anything, and it’s certainly not a healthy approach.”

If you are wanting to “detox your system” then you should not spend your time buying this. Apparently, your body already gets rid of toxins inside your body. The toxins don’t “build up” in you liver or kidneys or any other body part, a detox water is not going to clear it away.

“Your body is an expert at getting rid of toxins no matter what you eat.”

If anything they can be rather dangerous. Reasearch doesn show any improvement for blood pressure, cholestoral or for a healthy heart.

“For people with diabetes, they may be quite dangerous”

An encouraging detox diet would just be clean eating and stick to the basic, eat healthy, drink healthy and exercise daily.