When You Want To Run Away

Have you ever been angry or frustrated with your family and just wanted to runaway and make them feel guilty about what they have done? Or what made you feel that way, that made you decide something like, oh I don’t know, running away. If you think you have no experianced it then you are lucky or it will happen to you at some point during your life or else you are just lying to yourself.

Now, the feeling of wanting to run away is pretty simple. You wil probably have a built up rage and hurt inside of you, when something or someone triggers the switch, it will cause a mess and make you act out. In many young people’s cases. Run away so your family feel guilty. It is rather typical, so if you share these same emotions, you are not a horrible person, it is just a part of life and growing up.

According to CNN, there is a rise of mothers who just leave there families simply because they maybe don’t like the life they currently have at the moment. However, a mother leaving a young child is a high possibility it could impact the child. I believe this is true because if my mother left me then I would feel deeply hurt and I think it would have an impact on my life.

I only wrote this because I was reflecting on times when I would won’t to just leave the house and come back maybe hours later. BUT, I couldn’t, because of course, everyone loves there family even if they don’t show it in the best way.

My solution to the problem is to maybe just take a walk outside for about 15 or 20 minutes which should clear your head.