Even though we are just a speck of dust in this Universe

Another day, I walked from the bus station to my home. Along the way, I saw the beautiful moon playing hide & seek behind the clouds. To not let this moment just pass by, I quickly took a picture and continued my way home, watching the moon as if it was following me. I ended up thinking how unimaginable small we are, that we are only able to see one moon. Our planet is just one of the many planets in our solar system, which is also a part of one out of a hundred billion galaxies. And to think that our galaxy already consists of more than two hundred billion of stars and their planets. It sure puts your perspective on a whole another level!

The Earth we are living in is just a speck of dust in this vast Universe. So, what does that make us then?

Does that make us simply even more smaller specks of dust? No matter how you look at it, we ARE unimaginable small compared to the rest of the Universe. Our existence may as well be ommited if it’s just a tiny fraction of a bigger fraction, from another fraction. On the other hand, the unlikeliness of us being here is also incomprehensible rare; a planet which is able to obtain life.

So, even though we are just a speck of dust, it doesn’t automatically means that we can’t leave an impact.

It doesn’t mean that anything that we do is pointless. The same reason that we are here, with the ability of emotional awareness & thinking, means that we are all here for a reason. How meaningless it may appear to try and give significance to our actions, it turns out that however small a gesture it may be, it can leave a lasting impact on one single person. Once it has influenced another — it lives on through that person who may even find his own meaning of life.

Even though we are just a speck of dust, without us humans and the other living organisms on this planet, the Earth might just have lost its purpose.

So instead on dwelling on the fact how small we are in this terrifying, yet fascinating Universe, we can make better use of our short stay here before we turn into actual dust that spreads away in a second by even the lightest breeze.

So before that happened, we can make use of our time to do things that hold significance to us personally.

I don’t know about you, but I have infinite stories to tell & write, I have endless places I need to go, I have mountains I want to climb, I have fears that I need to face, I have fights that I need to participate in (whether I will lose or win), I have indifferent lines to bend into smiling curves again. Why? Because it is important in my world, in my Universe.

We are not just some empty shells, only consisting of cells and atoms by coincidence. We have a mind of our own to make our own decisions and to spread your own personal message around to share purpose and meaning into each other’s lives.

Even though we are just a speck of dust. Inside that same dust lies an infinite tale of galaxies.