The power of words

Letters. Words. Sentences. A statement. A comment. A story. Look around you, you are surrounding by it.

Have you ever listen to music and felt so touched by the lyrics? As if the song was meant for you. As if the songwriter knows how to touch your soul with each note. It always depends on the mood you are in at that moment. When you are in a good mood, everything you hear sounds cheerful to your ears. But when you are down, you hear more than just the melody, you hear the true meaning behind the song. You give it your own meaning which suits that particular moment you are experiencing.

The power of words can be amazing and destructive at the same time.

How many times have I heard that “words don’t hurt” and truly wanted to believe that and live according to it. I tried and failed many times. As times passes by, it’s becoming more easy for me as I am running out of fucks to give about what anyone think of me.

Hurting words can leave an imprint on ourselves in which its ink remains just below the surface and has the ability to slowly find its way to our mind and heart. It becomes a sad place when you are down and look inside yourself to find reassurance but fail to find it, only able to see hurting words drifting along, reminding you of things once said to you or even worse; the things that have been spoken behind your back.

On the other hand, it is powerful in a positive way. Letters can be braided in a magical way to form words. Words can be combined with other suitable words to aspire and teach us a valuable lesson. They become sentences, turn into stories and even legends, to help those laying low to lift up their spirits once more. When enough people carry on telling the same aspiring stories, we keep those alive who once started to tell those same stories. Truly aspiring stories entertain us, but most importantly; they invite us to dig deeper and contemplate the hidden values, which is the main reason why it keeps being told.

How will you use the power of words?

Will you use it to hurt those around you by saying discouraging words? If you are someone who believes that words don’t hurt, think again.

Or will you use it to help those in need?
Do you have enough courage to stand up and say the most unpopular opinions to defend your own morals? Or will your words blend in and fade away among the words of so many others?

We all have the power. It only depends on how you will use it.

And in most cases; loud works counterproductive, less is more.

The power of words.

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