What Is Your Kind of Success?

For as long as I know, he devoted all his adult years to work. He has always been an entrepeneur. There are more days in his life that he is actually the boss than an employee. At 25, he opened his own restaurant. It soon became one of the popular spots to dine in. A cliché example of a successful story? Rhetorical questions aren’t meant to be answered, anyway.

The road to succes isn’t linear and fixed. From generation to generation we keep hearing education is the key to success. I don’t dig that. Our education systeem is one-fits-all, while people’s minds are all different. Yes, I approve that education helps us broaden up our horizon and gain knowledge. It helps us gain life experience and personal skills. However, I don’t believe education is the only way to have success in your life. Not everyone is privileged enough to go to school. That doesn’t mean those who had education (including me) already are more successful than those who didn’t had one. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the potential for it and that they are already doomed for life. We shouldn’t only depend our success on a poorly built system, which do not focus on stimulating our individual traits and creativity. We should stimulate ourselves, as we are all intelligent in our own kind of way.

Like a word can have different meanings.

We as people can be successful for different things.

My kind of success starts with myself — stripped from my degree and occupation. Being successful is knowing myself to an extent that I have accepted myself, including all my strengths, weaknessess, quirks & flaws. It’s feeling conscious around me and the ability to set boundaries for myself. It’s the ability to look back at my struggles with bittersweetness, because I believe there is beauty in the struggle. It’s how I react in challenging situations and the way I handle with people who I can’t stand — without skyrocking my cortisol.

It’s about laying in bed after a long day, feeling content and happy — without feelings of guilt.

It’s about being the best version for others, and most importantly — for myself. Loving myself inside and out. It’s when I look in the mirror and think: ”I’m proud of you”.

It’s about using knowledge, to help — inspire and grow.

It’s about knowing I have contributed something in someone’s life. Even in the smallest ways.

Meanwhile, I will applaud myself for trying.

Appreciating the struggles as they guide me to my success — like a boat sailing to its destination with waves and storms.

But never giving up. No one can become successful in just one single day.

So, how about you?

What is your kind of success?

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