Diving Into the Kimberley to Experience Nature at Her Best

Some globe-trotting travelers prefer to focus on the world’s top cities, and that can certainly be rewarding. While some might be drawn away from the comforts of home by bustling streets, grand museums, and similar sights, others prefer the splendor that the natural world puts on display.

The Kimberley region of Western Australia is a consistent favorite among the many who fall into this camp. As a huge stretch of largely undeveloped land that is home to dozens of especially dramatic natural features, the Kimberley is a particularly rich place for travelers to explore. Whether for native Australians seeking to become better acquainted with their own country or people from elsewhere in the world, kimberley tours regularly rank as some of the most memorable travel options of all.

A Road Cutting Perfectly Through One of the World’s Most Dramatic Landscapes

Another feature of the Kimberley that makes it an especially apt choice for many travelers is its surprising degree of accessibility. Few other places anywhere, in fact, combine such pristine natural splendor with the ability to move easily and comfortably from one memorable sight to the next.

Where travelers in other places might be forced to endure hardships to experience so many life-changing things in short order, the Kimberley’s Gibb River Road makes for a uniquely accommodating alternative. A Gibb River road tour can see a party of travelers being transported easily to a succession of truly world-class sights with no need to waste time or be forced into discomfort in between.

Many Unforgettable Attractions and Places to See

The coastal Western Australian city of Broome makes for a natural departure point for travelers intent on traveling Gibb River Road through the Kimberley. Arranging a kimberley tour from Broome can therefore be an excellent option, with the airport nearby allowing for convenient transportation from almost anywhere in Australia and a number of other countries.

A relatively short stint on the Great Northern Highway will have tour participants crossing Fitzroy River, a major waterway that drains the King Leopold Ranges into King Sound to the west. The iconic Boab Prison Tree lies not far off and ranks as a favorite among travelers who appreciate history and nature alike.

At that point, travelers get their first taste of the Kimberley itself, with the designated King Leopold Ranges Conservation Area ensuring that the region remains unspoiled for future generations to enjoy. Many tours will stop for the night at the Mt. Hart Wilderness Lodge, with days more ready to be filled with further sights and adventures.