Sometimes it’s hard to know how we, as individuals, how I, as an individual, should react when incomprehensible, horrific events take place. It’s natural to be frightened when we are reminded that life is unpredictable. Worse, I think, is being faced with the cold fact that there are people that mean harm to others.

There is heartbreak over the Paris attacks. Heartbreak for the Mali hostage taking. Heartbreak for Boston’s 2013 Marathon. Heartbreak for the Twin Towers.

These are the horrors of current history, current news. Yet, for many of us, life keeps going.

Sometimes I wonder how that is. Something terrible happens several time zones away and my world is relatively unchanged. If I didn’t pay attention (listen to the radio, read the news…etc.) I would not know that life is, in fact, drastically altered.

I don’t want to ignore that there are other just as important battles being fought with as much fear, hatred, anger and hurt as the ones we label terrorists. It is incomprehensible.

How should “we” react? How should I alter my actions to mirror my heart? I do not have these answers, but I am seeking them.


Originally published at on November 21, 2015.