A Woman in the Shop
Nitin Dangwal

This piece really drew me in. As I was reading I thought that Urmila may shy by nature which could be why she is quiet and uses the headscarf to cover her face. It was just an impression I had. I liked how you described the woman shopper that called Urmila “Sister”. She had broken the social norms by breaking in line and before you could address it, she was being even more disruptive. I thought of a bull in a china shop.

My guess is that this scene did little to change the couple’s perspective and choices. I believe that it was audacious for the shopper to assume that Urmila felt oppressed. (Although maybe Urmila did/does feel oppressed, I didn’t have a reason to believe so.) If Urmila truly is in an unhappy situation, the scene could make her life more difficult after the shop closes.

This interaction gives lots of food for thought on many levels. Good piece.

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