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What You Say Out Loud is Believed By Your Subconscious Mind

So say things out loud that serve you best

Kimberly Hill
2 min readOct 17, 2019

This is a fact. There is overwhelming science now on the proof behind loving meditation, the law of attraction and positive affirmations.

This is why speaking affirmations out loud are a great way to re-wire your brain and create a healthier and positive reality.

Sadly, for the majority of us, we spend time thinking negative thoughts about ourselves and our business and thus, our reality stays negative. But our consciousness was developed as a tool for us to internalize things that we don’t need to say out loud or what would harm us if we did.

In the words of Daniel Dennet:

“…consciousness developed as a way to internalize talking to oneself. Speaking words triggers parts of the brain involved in moving the diaphragm, tongue, lips, vocal chords, etc. Hearing words triggers parts of the brain connected to the ears. Speaking aloud can be a bad survival strategy, especially when you’re thinking about the chief’s wife, so we developed consciousness as an internal monologue. It works, but it doesn’t exercise as many areas of the brain as speaking and hearing your own words.”

So yes, having positive thoughts in your mind is a great start, but actually saying them out loud, to others or yourself in the mirror is powerful.

If it’s a little awkward to start positively talking to yourself, starting in your mind is an excellent way to build your confidence. However, “if we speak out loud, it forces us to slow down our thoughts and process them differently because we engage the language centers of our brain,” explains Dr. Nicolosi.

What we say to ourselves out loud has a powerful impact on our levels of confidence and self-esteem.

I’m pretty guilty of dropping something or stubbing my toe and then having a knee-jerk reaction saying “Ah, I’m, such a dumbass,” or “Kim, you’re such an idiot.” And yes, I feel that’s a pretty normal reaction, but I also say things when I am working quietly at home like “You can do this, keep going, you are successful.”

So go ahead, talk to yourself, it’s healthy and start saying some positive things to yourself. In time, you’ll reap the benefits in surprising ways.

Kimberly is a dreamer and writer on confidence, sustainability and relationships. She is currently living in beautiful Vancouver, B.C, where she founded The Self-Confidence Project.

Her mission is to create a confident and more sustainable generation.

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