A Husband’s Perspective

Is he right? Here is how Mr. sees my job. My job, taking care of the house, and making sure it runs like a well oiled machine, is equally, if not more important than his job. Without disclosing too much about what he does, let’s just say that if he does something wrong, people could get hurt or die.

It amazes me that he sees my job as more important. What do I do you may ask? What does it look like to run my home? Well, for starters I have 4 children, three of them are still at home and are teenagers. The oldest moved out at 19 and supports himself. T-shirt awarded to myself for raising a hard-working, christian man, that pays his bills, visits his mom and dad, and takes his siblings out for ice cream or Subway from time to time. He is also engaged to a smart young lady with a good heart and a gift for hospitality.

My days are filled with routine maintenance items like managing money, gathering food, cleaning house, cooking, and general duties as described. Those are the basics, and really do not take up the bulk of my day. The bulk of my day is managing finances, education, and the hearts of the teenagers. That may not sound like much, but as teenagers, they are learning to navigate an adult world. They have jobs, friends, school, and plans for their futures. We spend time navigating college classes, high school homework, job problems, relationships (No dating until they are 18 and graduated high school) and more. My daughter is also engaged to a hard working, christian young man, that respects her, Mr. and myself.

I have no idea where I would possibly find time to work a 40 hour a week job. You may think I am over involved. I would counter that with this thought. My job as parent is to lead by example and be the best advisor I can to my children at home, not from an office. I think too many parents tend say, “Why should I let a child get in the way of what I want?” I personally want children that enter the world with integrity, honesty, ethics, a good work attitude, and charity.

I’m tired of living in a society that equivocates my worth with a paycheck. Am I happy? Because I am told I can only be happy at a job making money. I am completely happy and satisfied at the fruits of my labor. My home runs smoothly, and my children are safe, secure, and knowledgeable in the fact that mom is just as important as dad. Mom does work. Mom needs to work. But not at a paycheck. She needs to work hard at home. And I do. Everyday.