Jason Smith

Today, I remember this article you wrote. Honestly I had forgotten where I’d seen it. But I printed 2 copies of it off when I first read it. I guess I did that because I want others to know! I was going to have family and friends read it. But then I realized that for so many that I know, it doesn’t affect them like it does me. Today, I remember this article and I came across it once again while I open my Medium app searching for something to preoccupy my mind. See today, I remember this article because today I put my son on a plane to go to another detox. Far away from home, again. This is detox number 4. He is 23. Heroin is his love. He started all this by using my mothers rather bountiful supply of norco while he was still in high school. So I find myself reading about this new detox place at the foothills of mountains. I read their goals, their mission, their reviews like I’ve read about so many place before. Three have already failed him. Or, he failed them. The steps are memorized in his head and become redundant, meaningless. Every place is the same he says. But I just can’t help but wonder, what are they, law enforcement, or whoever- doing about the dealers. The dealers who are completely fine selling poison to people allowing them to ruin their lives. Because no matter where my son went, from Chicago big city to suburbia to countryside he was always able to find IT. And was always able to find “new friends” to enjoy IT with. No matter where he went, outside of detox, outside of halfway he joined with others who live this epidemic. I thought about this article today. And I want to scream it to all of America!!! I want to show everyone!! I want everyone to know! But, if it doesn’t directly affect someone, then — no one seems to care. Off he goes again. My child. My addict child, who started this trip the day he picked up my mothers abundant supply of pain pills her doctor so freely prescribed years ago.

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