Sister: I salute you!

My two all time favorite pictures of you are posted on the wall next to my desk, and anytime they catch my eye, my heart smiles. It was on the eve of the triplets’ birthday that I realized why I love those snapshots so much: because both capture you in candid moments of motherhood … in this happy place where you are comfortable and strong and patient and amazing.

I’ve always admired the mother in you. Eleven years ago, when our inside circle worried you were too young to be one (myself included), you rose above the noise and excelled in the role. It all came so naturally to you, and inspired me long before I would experience the grand responsibility myself. (I still aim to emulate your steadiness and confidence in this category…)

The surprise of three-more-babies-at-once would be understandably overwhelming to anyone. Though countless uncertainties gave you and Dave many sleepless nights even before the whirlwind of kid chaos really had you working around the clock … I was never worried. I’ve always felt that these boys came to you because you were the only one that could handle the job.

As you celebrate your boys’ one year milestone, and many more Anderson crew milestones to come, I’m over on the sideline celebrating YOU. No amount of help and extra hands will ease the load of being the matriarch, most especially when the brood is the size of yours. If I could find the way to manage one-fifth of what you do with even half the grace, I’d be a winner.

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