Trump, supporters react to NYT sexual assault allegations

October 13, 2016

A New York Times article about two women claiming that presidential candidate Donald Trump had touched them inappropriately was published yesterday afternoon and has already incited a response from prominent conservative figures, including Trump himself

The two women, 74-year-old Jessica Leeds and 22-year-old Rachel Cooks, were the two women featured in the article, which Trump claimed, via tweet, is “a TOTAL FABRICATION.”

Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz sent a letter to the New York Times demanding for a retraction of the article, labeling it as libelous. But the New York Times fired back, saying that it would gladly take the issue to court.

In reaction to the accusations made against the Republican presidential candidate, pro-Trump Twitter user Michael Delauzon tweeted the phone number and address of 74-year-old Jessica C Leeds.

Delauzon’s original tweet that read, “BREAKING: DETAILS EMERGE SHOWING LATEST TRUMP ACCUSER Tied To Clinton Foundation!” with an accompanying screenshot of a White Pages entry. His tweet has since been deleted as per Twitter’s privacy policy, despite being public record.

The phone number that Delauzon shared has been flagged by the White Pages as being fraudulent.

However, that didn’t stop Fox Business News anchor Lou Dobbs from retweeting the information.

Dobbs, a prominent figure in right-wing news, not only shared the a tweet containing the alleged personal information of Jessica C Leeds — it has still not been confirmed if this is the actual address or phone number of the Trump accuser — but he also spread the false claim of Leeds being tied to the Clinton Foundation.

Whether or not Trump will actually press charges is yet to come.