Keep Dreaming

When you’re younger, you dream about the future with no real thought about the reality or seriousness of it all. Those times are just for play and you know there is a future and you’re hopeful it’s filled with great things. You never imagine the future devoid of your aspirations.

So you dream, and you think, and you haphazardly make plans. It feels good and secure. Mostly. Then you go to college. You continue to dream but this time with some idea and slightly more reassurance that the fruition of the dream is near. That’s why you went to college, right? Because you were sure you chose the right path and degree plan. Then, when you’re almost done with the coursework, you begin to feel bombarded with real life. You start to slowly let up on the dream, loosening your grip on it. You didn’t think you had to hold on so tight because why would it slip away? Well, it does. You start to see that you need to make a living and you need to do it fast.

How are you going to survive? Dreams aren’t going to pay your rent or put gas in your car. Dreams don’t improve your credit score.

The thing is, without your dreams and without your willingness to pursue them, survival is just that. It’s not fulfillment or joy. It’s not accomplishments and recognition. It’s not passion and drive. I was so good at dreaming all of my dreams, dreaming up new dreams. I had so many dreams, until one day, I realized I had all these dreams and no happiness. I had all these ideas and no execution, no results, no finished product.

I kept wondering when would they stop being dreams and start being real?

Well they don’t — at least not right away, not over night, not after reading a book or writing one blogpost. That’s just the beginning — the second step to be exact. Dreams come first. They start in your heart and in your mind. They stay there for a while, growing until they’re ready to shine. If hidden too long, they drop from your heart to the pit of your stomach. They stay there, nagging and weighing more each day.

If you’re like me and you have a dream or two, or ten, you have to start making them real, today. You have to get out of your own head and stop being so critical of yourself. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, stop being your own enemy. Start saying you can and just do it. Don’t dwell on “how long it’s going to take”. I did that for so long and wasted so many years. Don’t stop. It’s going to take time but it’s going to be worth it. You’re going to be a better version of yourself because of it.


If you’re also like me, you’re tired of hearing that you shouldn’t give up and that you can achieve it if you can dream it. Sometimes, you want to quit, you want to walk away, you feel you’re not good enough. I think like that a lot. I just want to hang it up sometimes. Oftentimes, I don’t even know what it is I’m walking away from, hanging up. A lot of days, I’m out here lost, walking around like, umm, hello, can someone please help me? Sometimes, I don’t even know if I actually know what I want to do with my life.

But, stay with me, keep it pushing, keep it going. You might even have to do mind control on yourself. Let yourself know you’re serious.

Look, Self, I’m going to be something. I’m going to elevate these dreams whether you believe it or not. You down?