Hi, lucky me, right in the middle of a project and the internet goes out. First thing I check are my TV and phone which are all bundled together. Those are still working which means it’s probably not an outage I have to wait out.

I took these steps before called my provided to spend as little time as possible on the phone.

  1. I checked and all the lights on the model are still green or lighted up correctly.
  2. I check to make sure my other devices (laptop and tablet) where also without internet.
  3. I think check all plugs in the back of the router and into wired computers are “clicked” into place. That nothing came loose or had dust around them plugs that would mess everyone up.
  4. I think hit the reset button on my router to all a full router restart. You can also unplug and re plugin in your router to reset it but it best to use the reset button. In a reset all the lights will go out and the router will take a few minutes to reset. I have a dual router so it take nearly 5 minutes to reset.
  5. Then I restarted my main computer after the router reset to insert it was an if all else restart your computer issue.

My point being when I got the tech on the phone, I could says I did all these above sets which saved a good deal of time and got us moving on the good stuff which actually fixes the problem.

Just a few pointers ~ Remember don’t touch or unplug anything unless you are comfortable that you could plug it back where it belongs.

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