A Blue Sky

She drew open the curtains because it was a sunny day. Even though the locust were making their daily and obnoxious sounds, she looked out of the window anyway. Thank God! The sky was blue! There were a few clouds but the sky was finally blue! It will be a good day. It had been raining for days.

As she looked into the woods, the sun began shining through the trees. She noticed the beams and how they glistened as if asking her to come in. She couldn’t wait to get outside for a more beautiful view. A blue sky was very important to her. It meant happiness, and brought bright light to her day. A grey sky made her feel grey, very sad, inside. A grey day was a bad day.

Staring out the window had become a habit for her. She came from the city where her house had very little windows, a small back yard and many houses in the back and front of her. Police cars blared their sirens, and neighbor’s cars revved their engines every day. Looking out of the window became an exhausting and unhappy time. It was sad because looking at the sky was her favorite thing to do. She was unable to lay on the deck, on her bed and watch the clouds pass by and imagine one of the clouds was a piece of cotton, a man’s face, or ocean waves.

Finally, she looked away from the window and walked outside to turn the clouds into her favorite imagination. She found her favorite chair on the patio. The sun had reached the right height in the sky where the sun wouldn’t be in her eyes. A cumulonimbus cloud was above. A huge puffy piece of cotton! Her favorite. What a beautiful day she will have!