Live Prototyping with InVision Craft Prototype in Sketch
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It was really disappointing to learn that this plug-in is limited to iOS and mobile sizes. Responsive design projects can include hundreds of desktop, tablet, and mobile design comps, so designers really need the ability to review the interactivity of desktop size prototypes too. While iOS and mobile is important, the desktop size prototypes are always what a client sees first. Desktop design and prototypes have to be approved before any other screen sizes get comped out. Honestly, I’d rather use Adobe XD to handle design and prototype for everything, but many dev teams are demanding designers use Sketch.

Because this plug-in was a disappointment for prototyping responsive web projects, I contacted Invision support and got this response:

Indeed, prototype is currently only for iOS mobile, but your suggestion to broaden this to desktop and other mobile platforms is a potential feature that our Product team is tracking. They’re monitoring interest and reviewing whether we should add this functionality to our product.

Thanks for the great article. I hope one day you can add an addendum if the plug-in gets further along. Or perhaps Sketch will someday add an internal prototyping solution.

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