“Is anybody listening? This is your body calling.”

Cherish your most important relationship

The most overlooked relationship we have is with our own body. We constantly communicate through our lifestyle and what we put in our mouths. How we move and exercise, how we deal with stress, our emotions, our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and experiences are choices we make everyday that directly affect us. The body always listens and responds.

Body talk

In the best case senario, the body responds with energy, stamina, clarity and a good mood when it is given enough sleep, appropriate movement, the nutrients it needs and proper hydration.

The body answers with aches and pains, exhaustion, weight gain and a bad mood when it receives abuse. This can take the form of little sleep, poor nutrition, hidden infections, dehydration and unrelenting stress. The body’s responses are always normal and natural under the circumstances in which it finds itself. If we like the results we experience, we call it “healthy.” If we do not like the results, we call it “illness and disease.”

Change the conversation

My point here is that we can change the conversation so that our body can respond differently. But this requires awareness and actively taking responsibility for our health. It means being curious enough to not accept the status quo and to not be afraid to question.

Your body is unique and special. Health and well-being are your birthright. Learning to tune in and listen is a skill worth cultivating. Your body will thank you!

Originally published at kimberlymiles.com on November 24, 2017.