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I believe that everything happens for a reason, even the smallest of things, that may seem silly. Sometimes we learn what the reasons were and sometimes we dont. Sometimes we understand and sometimes we don’t, and sometimes we are better off not knowing. I also believe in reasons, season’s and lifetimes. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason, some stay for only a season, but others stay for a lifetime , but all for a reason.

Feeling’s. . oh boy, thats a tough one. I had to learn that feeling’s are not facts. For the most part feelings come from a place in the mind, whether conscious or unconscious, our, ( well i will keep it on the i ) my mind is steady going. What goes on in my mind, affects how i feel and how i feel affects what i do. You see, theres a battle going on and it takes place on a battlefield called ( My Mind).

So , i must think about, what i am thinking about , and on purpose, guide my thoughts. My thinking , creates my feelings, and my feelings influence my actions. So on purpose i think positive thoughts, creating atleast feelings that will not hold me hostage in my bed. Now with my thoughts and feelings on my side , i begin to win the daily battle and take Silly i know, but this is called The stepping stones to win the daily battlr called ( Kim)