The Aftermath of Loving a Narcissist
Veronica Christina

I wish more people in the world are aware of what a Narcissist can do to a person. In my case it’s too late, my step son was married to one for three years (dated for three years), he took his own life on September 24, 2015. He was my husband’s only child, so for the past year our life has been a living hell. He told his dad early on in the relationship, it’s not a fairy tale dad. Three days after they were married, he called off work and she laid into him even calling his father saying, “I think I made a mistake, I think I fell out of love”, all because he called in sick for work. I remember the night before the wedding, at the rehearsal my step son was standing at the alter, waiting for his bride to walk down the isle. As she came into the church with her father, she looked at her husband to be and said, “I don’t want him standing there.” The priest was in awe and stated he could wait in a little room off to the side. That image is forever branded into my memory. That was probably the first sign that I recognized. That was in April 2012, by October of 2012 she had him sever ties with his father and I. His father raised him as a single father for most of his life. In May of 2015 she succeeded in severing ties with the rest of the family by moving from California to Texas. In June 2015 my step son reached out to his father for the first time in three years. He always defended her till the end. She controlled him in life, and even tried to in death. My step son was cremated, and when family flew to Texas to pick up the remains, his wife showed no emotion what so ever. In fact, she didn’t even acknowledge the remains, but wanted the bloody clothes he was wearing when he took his life.