I read the Esquire link and much of what it covered has been combed through and dismantled since…
Christopher S. Freeman

I have heard that point made several times, that we did it first and have no moral standing to object. It’s the flip side of the “he did it first” justification that children make, and just like that defense, it doesn’t work. Yes, the US government has interfered with other sovereign countries’ elections. It was morally wrong. But for Russia to meddle in ours is also morally wrong, and ours isn’t the first. So I’m not sure where that moral objection gets you.

What is even more to the point is that Clapper testified in January that he “stand[s] resolutely” by the October joint statement of 17 US intelligence agencies stating that Russia directly interfered with our election. I find that to be fairly convincing. It remains to be seen how complicit Trump’s campaign and now his administration is.

You and I differ on which sources are credible and which are not, but regardless of where you stand, we Americans have a moral imperative to determine whether, how, and to what extent Russia has inserted its own interests into our government. Such an investigation should be welcomed on all sides: Either we find that our election and the current administration haven’t been tampered with or that they have. If they haven’t, then Trump supporters and other Republicans would be vindicated and could breath a sigh of relief about the mid-terms. If there has been tampering, that’s actionable information that we as Americans need to know so that we can address it as a Constitutional crisis. Because that’s what it would be. As a patriot, wouldn’t you want to know?