You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

This is the most egotistical thing I have ever read. I DO have a choice over my body. I also have the choice to use birth control to prevent a pregnancy instead of being careless and not caring because hell you have abortion to fall back on right. Yes there are women who are unfortunately the victims of rape and I was one of those women raped, kidnapped and beaten by an ex boyfriend at the age of 17. Victims of rape should be able to have the right to have an abortion but if you wait after a certain period of time to make that decision you are killing a human being.

I DO make the same amount of money as my male counterparts in my field and yes I do know this for a fact. I chose to further my education while being the single mother of 3 children and I am now paying on student loans all to give my children a better life. No different than a man who does the same.

Being a woman gives you the right to spew your nonsense and hatred. NO IT DOESN’T. You are NOT fighting for the rights of all women. I seen the pictures of the trash you women left behind after your march. You are apparently not concerned with the environment and community you left in a trashy mess. Practice what you preach and thank and praise the women that got you what you have today.

I for one am SICK AND TIRED of supporting women who choose to sit on their ass at home and keep having kids and drawing welfare. I pay for them to have free welfare, free health care and food stamps. I went to college and got not one, not two but three degrees all while being a single mother of 3. I live pay check to pay check to pay for these items for myself and NO this isn’t the fault of men and isn’t because I am a woman. Stop playing the gender card it’s pathetic.

Men, women, black, white we all pay taxes on sanitary needs. This statement is STUPID.

Gave me a voice?? HELL NO you didn’t. Madonna actually stood up and said she thought about blowing up the white house. Is this the woman you chose to give me a voice. This is a woman who has stood onstage in front of thousands half naked and whose old children wanted nothing to do with her. I can speak for myself because I DO have a voice.

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