Why I’m Returning to My Maiden Name
Emily LaFave Olson

so much to say
1. I have a friend who kept her maiden name and her children have HER name because there are cultures where that is common

2. I have a nephew that they merged their names… Schultz and Shelton is now Schulton… both families were sad because no one will know who they WERE related to but it worked for them.

3. I divorced…. and went BACK to my maiden name because 
>I didn’t want to be Dr. Tabb or have his name on my medical school degree (if I did the work ALONE , why should HE get credit)

> while we were married, I had to change from being Kim … to Kimberly because Kim Tabb was so abrupt that people called me Pam because they couldn’t hear all the correct sounds. (I studied brain function at Vanderbilt Univ. so there IS an explanation that we don’t need to go into ) 
> we had fun names with TABB( bar tabb/ pop tabb/ lift tabb/ pull tabb/ etc. and I have 2 sons that will carry on the name but now my first son has only daughters. they are already groomed to get rid of that name. I’m sad for my father in law because HE was an awesome man and his name SHOULD continue but I’m grateful that my ex’s name wont.

the reason we have so much divorce is because we were GROOMED.

we were groomed to be doctors or lawyers or dentist or …. whatever our family was and valued and the name is part of the grooming…. I want to be a “Vanderbilt” or a ?Kardashian? or…. 
I love what you’ve done and I commend you for speaking out…

WHY are men given pride in their name and we are given pride in giving up our names to become someone’s property??? We have been claimed and therefore have value and single women must be defective because they can’t find someone to give them a name???

I know too many amazing women and inadequate men…. we need more bold women…. THANK YOU !

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