Do you want to laugh your head off while teaching? Do you want engaged students who aren’t going on their phones? Let’s all have fun with this!

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For my fellow teachers, here are 20 ideas to help you and your students laugh and learn together on Zoom or Google Classroom. As a novelist, I now teach creative writing, but I’ve taught EFL and ELA, and I think some of these ideas can be adapted to other subjects as well.

I’ve found Zoom/Google Classroom can be a very effective way to teach, but it helps to use the student’s environment. Also, just like in person, it’s important to form a heart connection and show them you care, to teach in a multi-sensory way and always try to make it fun. Don’t be afraid to be goofy, to wear costumes or use props and find ways to surprise your students. They’ll love it, especially in this medium. If you’re a teacher, I’m sure you’ve already done some of the following ideas, but I hope I can offer a couple new ones to your list. …

I Was So Jealous of My Friend’s Writing Success

Have you ever read a book and thought I can do better than this?? Or maybe a friend got published and you thought her book sucks and how did it ever get published when yours isn’t?

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(Photo from The Atlantic)

I have been jealous of a friend’s writing career. But it hurt me more than them.

Creative jealousy is a horrible feeling and hurts your own creativity in dramatic ways.

It keeps you from accessing your true original creative and brilliant moments that happen in writing when you’re in flow. …

Happy V Day to all the females out there. (V means Vagina for our purposes today.) This post is specifically for about our vaginas and love and writing through our love wounds.

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Today I’m thinking about the women creators in my life who may be struggling in their love life in some way. This can be a shitty day if you’re feeling unloved or you’re facing heartbreak. Love pain makes it tough for some people to create.

For any writers, this is a good week to examine how our characters experience love. How do we write about love in general and romantic love specifically? Every book will have love within it, and love can be very complicated, filled with trauma and shame and other non-love type feelings. If you write young adult, you may be writing about the challenges of first love. …

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