6 things I should do in 2016

Time for the cliché New Years’ list again. Admit it, you’ve done it and you hardly ever stick to it. Even better, you scrap the idea completely only to make a similar one the next year, on paper or maybe in your head. You might’ve drunkenly blurted it out to someone, they might’ve reacted positively but it was probably merely to make you feel better. Hey, whatever.

  1. Say NO, to the things I don’t want.

Don’t want that lousy excuse of a groupmate? Say no, politely. Don’t want unecessary drama? Say no. Also NO, I DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR LISTENING EAR. I do not wish to hear your pathetic sob story that you constantly retell, like a video left on repeat in those electronics stores.

2. Be happy.

Stop wasting time pleasing those who don’t or can’t reciprocate. Why care about someone who never gave two cents about you?

3. Make my dreams a reality.

Get your lifesaving, driving and boat licenses already, Kim. Remember you said you wanted to learn Spanish and Thai? Do that too.

4. Be transparent with my family.

“Mum, Dad, I poledance. Please accept it. I’d like to be an instructor, 4 years down the road. I’d love your support. I don’t think my choice of fitness is sleazy or inappropriate; I feel confident, fit and am also taking charge of my sexuality and using it effectively. It is my stress reliever and I have nothing less than positive results. Please accept my decision and continue to love me.”

5. Travel.

Maybe with a loved one. Maybe on my own. With friends around the globe to connect with, there are so many possibilities. Money is no object. If there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ll try my best to make it happen.

6. Rethink Love.

“Love is common, love is suffocating; so develop an ambition” — my motto for the longest time. I’ve always kept it to myself because of the revolting reactions I havee a received.

I always felt that a career, being able to pay for all my own shit and being independant is all I need. All these made me felt stable; a sense of security. I felt secure of myself if I planned it out that way. Love is risky, I would’nt bet on it. Although ironically I am in love now, I’ve never been able yo bring myself to believe in it.

Someone told me that I should stop putting logic into love; that it just happens. Maybe I should. I wilk rethink love and try to put more into the love I have now.

“At least you have someone” is what they tell me.