Thoughts #2

I never want to be someone’s second-tier other half ever again.

I don’t want to put my plans on hold to support someone else’s dreams.

Love should not blind those who can see, love should not distort dreams.

Love should not blur visions nor should it create obstacles for individual goals.

All along you needed a someone who gave in to your pride and supported you; a bitch slave who’d compromise for your sake.

I see why you’re with someone immature and sheltered now, she’ll gladly do as you please, treat you like a God while you’re merely a mortal. She’ll probably blow you (terribly) thinking your cock is made of gold. Suck it up bitch, this relationship is delusional; cum doesnt taste like heaven either, so please don’t swallow.

Despicable. She eyed you because you were easy, if you weren’t hurt she would never had the chance; she can’t handle a man so she took in a boy. Have fun latching on to someone broken because they could never piece themselves back together.