3 Stupid Easy Ways to Change Your World and Improve Your Life Right Now

1. Choose Words Wisely

I don’t have enough time… He is so stupid… The world is falling apart… It’s hard… This sucks… It will never happen… I feel terrible. It’s her fault. Anyone who voted ___ is such an idiot!

Want to immediately improve your experience? Stop talking smack about people and things you don’t agree with.

We get it. You don’t like it. You didn’t vote for it. The world is falling apart and none of it is your fault. Life is hard and then you die. It is EASY to provide criticism, judgement and condemnation. It is way more rewarding and joyful to purposefully seek the good in people and circumstances.

Try to be kind.
Be genuinely appreciative to the person who delivers your meal.
Say thanks with a real smile.
Decide you feel pretty good today, and then communicate that.

Okay, so you want to be genuine and you are genuinely pissed off.
Shout it from the mountain tops; annoy your friends and surprise those who didn’t realize you had so much to be angry about.
Watch how fast people scatter.

But, be crystal clear about how you want to feel.

Does spewing putridity feel good to your heart?
Do you feel light? Are you enjoying your life?
Do you believe in people?
Are you living from a place of joy?
Or disappointment.
And frustration.

We can choose to perceive things in a different way. 
We can choose our responses. Our comments. Our language.

I’m getting there… I’m coming around… I’m working on it… I’m feeling better day by day… I’ll get there one day… Things are looking up… It will all work out.

2. Focus On Others

Over 25 years, I have learned that my own misery is directly related to level of ‘poor-poor-pitiful-me’ wallowing that I’m doing. Focusing on my goals and tasks, and on improving the experience of others keeps me from staring at ‘me-me-me’ through the microscope of my ego.

I have everything I need.
I am missing nothing.
I am not lonely.
I have love to give.
I can be of service.
In what SMALL way could I make your life easier or better today?

Often, these acts of service are insanely small.
Can I get you another cup of coffee? Let me get the door for you. Can I carry something for you? I’m headed out, can I drop it off for you?

And more often — they are NOT a doing — but a way of BEING with someone.

Be an ear. 
Ask questions and then pay attention when people speak.

What fills their heart?
Who are they missing?
Can I provide reassurance?
Or a pat on the back?
In what small way, can I make their life a little bit easier today?

3. Step Away From the Internet

[[Oh, the paradox as I type away and post a link to Twitter….]]

We live in a digitally connected world. No doubt about it. We are ON IT.

Step away from the internet means:

Put your phone on airplane mode to go for a walk — or leave it at home.
Put it in your briefcase in the back seat when you’re driving.
Shut it down at night and charge it in the kitchen instead of the bedroom.
Turn it off when you climb into bed with your partner.
Leave it in your pocket on vibrate when having lunch with a friend.
Stop wasting HOURS of your one precious life on Candy Crush Saga.

We totally forget that a whole miraculous world existed before iPhones and the handheld internet at our fingertips. We have a HUGE FOMO (fear of missing out) and we mistakenly believe that internet “followers” are our friends.

Talk to people.
Tell jokes.
Share a pastry and Americano and talk about dream vacations.
Walk the dog together in silence.
Ask about their Nana’s birthday party — and then reeealllly listen to them.

Look in their eyes.
See their hearts unfold.
Feel how good it feels to BE WITH a real person.
Just these 3 little practices have the potential to radically shift your perspective and to change the way you feel about your life.

Be conscious with your words, pay attention to people and things going on around you (relationships matter most), and begin to pay attention to how much of your life you give away to your iPhone.

How does it feel to reclaim your words, your focus and your time?
Let me know what you discover in comments below.