When your desires and your values aren’t in sync the Law of Attraction can’t work.

The Law of Attraction is often perceived as this magical, mystical ‘if-I-just-want-it-bad-enough-and-think-about-it-all-the-time-it-will-just-show-up-for-me’ concept. We believe it about love and health and money and stuff and opportunities.

It is believed that the Law of Attraction works in this way:

  1. I am clear about what I want.
  2. We believe we can obtain what we want. 
    “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7
  3. We remove barriers to receiving what we want
    (limiting beliefs, etc.) and allow.

For me, the Law of Attraction is as simple as WHAT YOU FOCUS ON EXPANDS.

Positive or negative.
Gratitude or fear.
Worry or peace.
Happiness or anger.
Where you place your energy and attention is what you will experience as your reality.

But the Law of Attraction can’t work when there is massive disconnect between what we say we want and what our personal value system dictates.

For example: “I’d like to earn more money at work.”

I can think about it 
and wish for it 
and hope for it 
and meditate on how much better I might feel earning more money at work, but my personal value system will prevent that from happening for me because what I say I want and what I truly value are two completely different things.

In order to earn more money, I’d need to increase the level of responsibility I have in the office, which would likely see an increase in time that I must spend at work.

But, that ‘want‘ runs against my personal value system.

I value time and freedom more than I value money. I say I want more money but what I really desire is flexibility — to walk my dog, be outside, get to the gym and be there for my kids.

Here’s another example:I want to have more date nights and specifically, attend local concerts and events with my husband.”

I say that I want to get out and enjoy music with him (maybe a steak and glass of wine) but the reality is that I value a good night’s sleep and an early bedtime more — at this point in my life — than I value a night out. What I really desire is to have him spoon me under the weight of warm blankets while watching #TheWalkingDead before drifting into black, deep, restorative sleep.

I profess to want cultural entertainment and fun and date night — but my values lead me to sabotage date night in exchange for snuggles and snores.

These might seem like silly, trivial examples — afterall the Law of Attraction is always sold to us as finding our One True Love or manifesting a Million Dollars, BUT…

The truth is — the Law of Attraction is at work in all ways in all capacities in all lives all the time.

The way it works best is when clarity exposes desire and when those desire match your personal code of ethics.

You can’t earn a million dollars –
no matter how bad you want it
if your core values proclaim that
people with money are arrogant
or ‘you can’t have it all.’
or happiness, not both.’

Personal awareness — that is knowing yourself inside and out — is the best way to align your desires and your values.

What you SAY you want, and what you VALUE most deeply MUST be in soul alignment…or what you SAY you want — even IF it shows up — will NEVER make you happy.

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