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“$KIMBO is going to KIMBONET? Doesn’t that limit its growth and fracture its liquidity? Who would build on a meme chain? Who wants to use KIMBO for GAS!?

Kimbros let’s break down what is KIMBONET and why we are choosing to push it forward in a short FAQ style post!

What is a subnet?

Mass adoption is a real question of viability when it comes to EVM blockchains. What will it look like and can we scale it in time to capture these users/institutions with the underlying tech that currently exists? In short NO, no current form factor of EVM’s could be mass adopted to the tons of businesses and users alike, the transactions caused by this influx would bring mostly, if not ALL, layer 1 solutions to a screaming halt.

Avalanche has answered this with horizontal scaling solutions now coined Subnets. Subnets are highly scalable, and customizable to meet ANY utility case for businesses, users, defi, and whatever else may eventually come to the blockchain. In more simplistic terms: they have the ability to emulate EVM chains in their current form, but are not limited to the same programming language or any other commonalities. Avalanche’s ultimate goal being anyone & anywhere can utilize subnet architecture to leverage blockchain for any application or use case.

Read more about subnets here.

Doesn’t this limit KIMBO’s growth on Avalanche C-Chain?

Imagine a multitude of powerful blockchains built for niche purpose, whether that’s KIMBONET or a backend infrastructure for JP Morgan.

With the power of subnets not only is this possible, it will also allow for interoperability between them. Interoperability may sound fancy, but you can think of it like a dog park where there are many breeds and humans alike. All the dogs are different temperaments, and trained different from one another. A random person could not unknowingly come in and somehow call all of the dogs with one uniform command. Interoperability would, in this example, be that random person walking into the dog park and effectively commanding all of the different dogs easily.

As more and more blockchains launch, the growing problem persist: fracturing liquidity at a grand scale. Bridging countless of times to get to the new hot chain trusting 3rd parties with the task.

As Avalanche’s Teleporter goes live, we will see this interoperability in real time as Avalanche C-Chain liquidity can be utilized near instant into ANY SUBNET at any time. Meaning you get the security of c-chain, the robustness of customized subnet architecture, AND share the liquidity from all of the Avalanche ecosystem.

In short, for KIMBO this means that we are not losing the liquidity and user base present on C-Chain during the move to a Subnet.

Who would build on a meme chain?

It’s the age old question, to build or not to build. We understand that KIMBO may not be the most advanced token ever but it does have something that others don’t: soul, community, and culture. These 3 things have driven other tokens with similar lacking utilities to the top 10 coins of the entire cryptocurrency map.

Our mission with KIMBO is to facilitate a longstanding culture that will bring in holders, dreamers, and builders. With those 3 types of users, an entire landscape of KIMBO based products can be built. Ultimately though, we are laying the foundation and ground work for YOU to participate in whatever capacity. Whether it be NFT’s, decentralized exchanges, or even web3 games.

We have already proven in 3 short weeks that we have a growing organic holder count that easily answers the question: who would use it? People asked that about every step of the cryptocurrency landscape and yet here we are continuing to strive for more and more adoption.

Who wants to use KIMBO for GAS!?

Gas on Subnets is EXTREMELY cheap as you are really localizing the transactions to just KIMBO oriented people. So it is unlikely as a KIMBONET user you will be charged much of your precious KIMBO to perform transactions on the chain. It will be a great start to truly starting to take out supply of KIMBO and incentivize validators to participate in the upkeep of the network.

We have also heard: what if the token goes to ZERO? Not only would this never happen (locked and burned liquidity), but it is also a null event as the gas fees aren’t calculated based on “pricing” of a token.

Thanks to every KIMBO holder constantly pushing us to new heights and continuing to build a better future for the future holders.

The timeline for our first iteration of KIMBONET that will be on Testnet will be February. The live subnet will require a lot of KIMBO power to get launched as we look to get protocols involved in the process of validating or launching local on KIMBONET. Also, before the official subnet goes live we must wait on the official launch of the Avalanche Teleporter as it’s and essential piece of the puzzle.

When FUJI testnet of Kimbonet is finally released we will be airdropping some of the top holders of KIMBO to get involved and use the chain!

Big things are coming KIMBROS…

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Kimbo is the best dog on Avalanche, bringing culture and community together in one fun meme token. The Kimbros are the members of the KIMBO's community.