{101} Productivity Thursday returns!

I mentioned in an earlier post about meeting up with Kim McShane for “Productivity Thursday” and how, well, productive it was. We decided to make it a thing and do it regularly.

So here I am now at her house, on my (hideous, ugh) laptop while she scribes on her iMac. It reminds me of when I was writing fanfiction a lot and would do what are called “writing sprints” with online friends. We’d all be in a chat together and set a timer to write for 15, 20, or 30 minute sprints. Between sprints we’d complain and whine and ask for help, along with encouraging each other. Like now, where Kim and I are working on very different things, the camaraderie makes it all happen easily.

(Although right now Kim is finding her patronus on Pottermore and I’m futzing with this blog post, but ehhhhhhhh….creativity does what it is. or something.)

My main goal tonight is to work on sorting out Skeptic’s Inspirational. I have worked on a “meme” design but I feel I may have over-engineered it. It would be easy to use traditional images associated with inspiration: starry sky, ocean, beach, lush forest, majestic mountains, etc. etc. but there is also the fact that they have been over done. I want something distinctive and unadorned. I love, for instance, Tyler Knott Gregson’s “Typewriter Series” of poems, which is a great example of the feel I’d like to capture: simple, evocative, original.

Of course, I’m not sharing original poetry, but quotes and inspirational sayings, so there’s that.

I’ve seen similar meme ideas all around: hand written sticky notes, typed index cards, decorated notebook pages, etc. etc. I like my library catalog card idea, but eh, the more I look at it the more I don’t think it fits. But I need something that is a template I can make minimal changes to — if the plan is to post every day I need it to be fairly easy to do.

Well, since it is Productivity Thursday and not “Whine a Lot Thursday” I’m off to do actual work in scrivener, but hey, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to chime in.

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