{154} Plans and projects

On a more personal note, I’m listing here the “creative” projects I’m working on because I need to remind myself that I’m not useless.

  1. Daily Blog Project (cross-posted at my personal website and Medium)
  2. Going on 50 podcast (posted every 2 weeks at Soundcloud)
  3. Too Fine, a contemporary romance serial posted at Wattpad, updated weekly.
  4. Wolves of Harmony Heights, a long novel in the final stages of editing, expected publish date January 1st, 2017
  5. Wolves of Boston, a long novel that I’ve just barely started writing.
  6. [redacted] — another long novel that is almost done and will be submitted to a publisher this upcoming week.
  7. Drawing practice, which desperately needs to be ramped up to be done every day, even if only for 15 minutes but preferably longer.
  8. Dancing …okay, I’m not doing this at all, but oh I really miss dancing.

There are other things lying around, such as about five other novels in various stages of “being started” which translates to having 5k — 40k words written; two fanfic WIPs that are essentially novellas that I have not updated in two years; ideas for other podcasts that would be too time intensive to actually start (Liberal’s Almanack, specifically); and updating my grief/atheist blog (wayyyy overdue). I’m toying with the idea of a patreon, specifically for my drawings/art, but that seems pretentious of me, and it would require a sincere commitment to produce art. Dunno.

I’ve still got my day!job of course, and my dog Keely to walk and cuddle.

Time. I need more time. I feel like I’m not accomplishing much, compared to what is on my “to-do” list. I really do need more time.

Or, actually, money. MONEY = FREEDOM. I need to focus on that. Get stories published, work on my art. I don’t know what/when something will strike, but I do have utmost confidence that it will happen. I just gotta keep plugging along, doing what I can. Ref. list above.


Originally published at ::::KimBoo York.