{17} when therapy is hard

Therapy is not like other hard work.

It might make you cry but you won’t walk away covered in mud and salty with sweat.

It will push you to the very edge of your comfort zone but it won’t make your feet hurt from standing all day.

It often makes your whole body feel sore and exhausted but you’ve got no bruises to show for the fight that went down.

Whatever else it could be, therapy is always hard. You may not even realize it at the time, until you get home and feel like you’ve been working a jackhammer all afternoon.

Like any other hard work, recovery is all about recuperation — sleep, rest, gentleness, kindness, nourishment.

When therapy is hard, I retreat and eat and sleep. I don’t fight back (as often) anymore. I take what I want (in the form of coffee ice cream) and allow for lethargy.

Therapy is hard, life is difficult, and everybody dies…Make time for ice cream and a nap. We’ve all earned it, one way or another.

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